未来性爱除了解放外,方式也会大大改变 In addition to liberation, the way future sex will change dramatically.转载2008-02-17

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机器人玩偶 Robot doll 机器人为人类提供任何形式的服务,当然也会包括性服务。其实性爱机器人在技术上的研发并不难,难的是如何让它们的肌肤感觉更像真人温暖、柔软又有弹性。 Robots provide any form of service to humans, and of course they also incl

  机器人玩偶   Robot doll


  Robots provide any form of service to humans, and of course they also include sexual services. Sex robots are technically easy to develop, but how to make their skin feel more human -- warm, soft and elastic.


  When this problem is solved, how to make the robot more intelligent is the next focus of research, that is, how to cooperate with its owner to make appropriate actions and emotional responses.


  Space sex


  At present, the discussion of space sex is limited to overcoming weightlessness. According to NASA documents, space sex is possible, but it is very difficult to do and requires a third person to help fix one of them. "After 50 years, this technical problem is no longer a problem, and it is no longer a daydream for ordinary people to enter space on a spacecraft.


  Honeymoon in space has even become an avant-garde fashion, and some people are more obsessed with space sex. For one thing, it is easy to make various sexual gestures without the control of Earth's gravity. Second, in the case of weightlessness, blood is more concentrated near the heart. The time for a man to be strong is greatly longer.


  Same-sex marriage is legal


  Same-sex marriage is officially legalized worldwide, and those same-sex lovers are recognized and accepted by more humans. They are free to fall in love or even marry and are no longer discriminated against. At same-sex weddings, the couple also receives long wishes from their loved ones!


  Pure love wave


  Due to the proliferation of sexual intercourse, love has become the most simple and valuable thing. Some people who emphasize the pursuit of the spirit have regained a simple and pure love, set off a Platonic love wave, launched a pure love movement for the purpose of pure love, and abandoned sex as a pure love movement. It has not only become an international pure love organization, issuing pure love initiatives. Participants also held public vows and other activities.

  Seed Bank



  Thanks to the popularity of BB blocking contraception, there are as many "seed banks" that store sperm and eggs as there are money banks. Before the introduction of BB, people extracted a sufficient amount of sperm and eggs from the body in advance. New cell technology can safely store sperm or eggs of both men and women and maintain their activity and vitality for a long time, like ancient plants millions of years ago.


  Sex instead of brothels.


  The brothel is a dirty place, infecting sexually transmitted diseases and undermining the stability and unity of the family and society. When sex robots and virtual sex techniques mature, sex bars are quietly emerging. Some Kochi people visited here first and then gradually spread.


  The sex bar eventually gained the recognition of the majority and became a legal place to operate. Even many lover hotels have also transformed themselves. Sex robots and virtual sex facilities have been introduced, and single people can enjoy themselves in lover hotels.


  AIDS Eradication


  At last, researchers developed a vaccine against HIV. The State has made the vaccination of HIV a compulsory act, requiring every citizen who has reached the age of 12 to be vaccinated, at the expense of the State. Under the strong intervention of the government, AIDS gradually disappeared.


  Penis regeneration program


  In June 2005, Russian microsurgeon and orthopedic expert Suokeershiqike completed a highly risky operation-training the genitals of patients. Suokeershiqike cut off the brave patient's baby and then "grafted" into his left forearm. After the genitals grow from less than 2 inches to nearly 7 inches, Suokeershiqike restores this newly grown organ.

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