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陈医生:您好!Doctor Chen: Hello! 我是上海的卵巢早衰患者,今年35岁。 Im an ovarian premature failure patient in Shanghai, 35 years old. 大概小学5,6年级初潮,高中大学的时候偶有不调,提前或拖后。经黄体酮等药物刺激就会正常一段日子,总体还可以


>陈医生:您好!Doctor Chen: Hello!


>我是上海的卵巢早衰患者,今年35岁。 I'm an ovarian premature failure patient in Shanghai, 35 years old.

>大概小学5,6年级初潮,高中大学的时候偶有不调,提前或拖后。经黄体酮等药物刺激就会正常一段日子,总体还可以。Probably the beginning of the fifth and sixth grades of elementary school, there are occasional changes in high school, early or late. After the progesterone and other drug stimulation will be normal for a period of time, the overall can be.



It took three months for the first period to arrive at the age of 23, when the boyfriend had just left the country, probably because of emotional effects. It turned out to be normal. Condom contraception has been used after marriage. In 2001, when I was 28 years old, I considered giving birth to a baby. As a result, I found that menstruation became once every 3 months and the amount was low and deep, and the body had symptoms of fever and sweat. After checking FSH: 80.7; LH: 31.4.


When we were studying in Japan, my doctors used estrogen and procesterone to artificially form my menstrual cycle, and after a few months of the cycle, they gave me HMG to promote ovulation. During the injection of HMG, it was found that E2 did not rise but continued to decline, and it was necessary to stop the treatment of ovulation. My doctor told me that the decline in ovarian function is basically impossible in terms of current medicine. The first thing I need to do is to supplement hormones to ensure health before I look for opportunities.



>附件为2005年末至今的血液和B超检查结果。 After returning home, he also looked at other hospitals and took a section of Chinese medicine. Basically, the menstrual cycle has been maintained intermittently by Chinese and Western medicine. There are also natural menstrual cramps after stopping the drug. After we settled in Shanghai at the end of 2005, we had been receiving treatment at the special needs clinic of the Red House Hospital. The annex shows the results of blood and B ultrasound from the end of 2005 to the present.



He began to treat Chinese and Western medicine with Dr. Lichaojing. Although follicles were also detected, the FSH during the period was basically 40 ~ 70 and LH was 8 ~ 20.


In May 2007, Dr. Li retired and recommended Dr. Linjinfang. First stopped the drug for a month to perform a blood test, and the result was an unprecedented highest value, FSH: 113.69; LL: 30.66. After that, he was given periodic treatment under Dr. Lin's prescription and took tonic music. Start 1 tablet a day, and then take 2 tablets a day the next day. Until 2 tablets a day, the endometrium grows. On September 10, when the inner membrane was examined for 10mm, a 12 × 12 × 11 follicle was detected. Unfortunately, Dr. Lin's next business trip advised me to go to the endocrine Department of the general clinic for testing. Zhuyisheng of the general clinic told me that premature ovarian failure is a rare opportunity and suggested that I consider whether I should try. In this way, I injected HMG for about a week in a row. Under the stimulus of HMG, the original follicle did not seem to change much. New follicles appeared on the other side, but the final shape was 18 × 12 × 14. Another artificial ovulation still ends in failure. Dr Lin said my ovaries were fragile. She did not approve of HMG's stimulation. Over the next three months, she took sensitive titration to allow her ovaries to rest. Now I take 2 tablets of Bujiale and Antixin every day.


>The most recent B ultrasound examination was on February 18 of this year, the 15th day of menstruation, the right ovary 17 × 11 × 11, several follicles, and a diameter of 1 ~ 2mm. The left ovary 28 × 15 × 13, there is no echo area 21 × 10 × 7(seems to have existed before menstruation). The most recent blood test was December 28 last year, FSH :37.87; LL: 11.39.

>因为被诊断为卵巢早衰,似乎这种病国内外都没有积极的治疗方法,只能依靠补充雌激素维持平衡然后期待好运或奇迹的出现,就这样我持续了6,7年的治疗,仍未能如愿得子。随着年龄的增加,这种无期无奈的治疗和对孩子愈发强烈的渴望,让我开始考虑供卵试管婴儿。 可是供卵也是一个问题。

>Because of the diagnosis of premature ovarian failure, it seems that there is no positive treatment for this disease at home and abroad, and it has to rely on estrogen supplementation to maintain balance and hope for good luck or miracles. In this way, I continued for 6 or 7 years of treatment and still failed to get the desired child. As I grew older, this hopeless treatment and growing desire for children led me to consider feeding test-tube babies. But egg feeding is also a problem.

>偶然的机会看到了贵院的卵巢唤醒术,让我重新点燃了拥有自己宝宝的希望。请问陈医生: By chance, I saw the ovarian awakening in your hospital, which rekindled my hope of having my own baby. Excuse me, Dr. Chan:

>1.卵巢唤醒术是贵院的世界首创技术吗?第一例手术是何年何月?之后在贵院接受了该手术共有多少病例?成功率如何?术后有可能带来哪些并发症?1. Is ovarian arousal the world's first technology in your hospital? What year was the first operation, Heyue? How many cases did you receive the operation in your hospital? What's the success rate? What complications may be brought about after operation?

& GT; 2. I think individual differences may be different

>2.我想个体差异可能会有不同,根据目前治疗情况,平均术后要经过多长时间可恢复正常的月经周期?According to the current treatment situation, how long does it take to recover the normal menstrual cycle after surgery?

>3.如果接受这一手术,我的目的就是生育。请问接受他人的卵巢细胞而唤醒自我的卵巢功能,能否保证有正常排卵呢?请问贵院有无术后怀孕的实例?3. If I accept this operation, my purpose is to give birth. Is it possible to ensure normal ovulation if you accept the ovarian cells of others and awaken your ovarian function? Is there an example of postoperative pregnancy in your hospital?

>4.针对我这样的病史和愿望,林医生建议我采取如何有效的治疗可以生个宝宝? 4. In response to my medical history and wishes, Dr. Lin suggested that I take effective treatment to have a baby?

>期待您的回复。衷心谢谢! Looking forward to your reply. Thank you!



Hello, I deeply sympathize with your experience, I know you are exhausted, our technology will certainly swell your sailing sails.


1. I was the first doctor to do ovarian awakening. When it was the world's first technique, the first operation was performed in early 2003. After that, there were more than 50 cases of surgery in your hospital. The success rate was about 80 %. The failure was mainly due to matching problems. Parents can provide this successfully. There are no complications after surgery, and the benefits are Needless to say.


2. The difference is mainly due to different donors. The success rate of good matching is high, and the normal menstrual cycle can be restored after an average of 3 to 6 months.


3. If you accept this operation, you can ensure that you can have normal ovulation and be pregnant. Our post-operative patients have examples of pregnancy, involving privacy, can not be fully followed up, and the proportion is difficult to calculate.


4. In response to your medical history and wishes, I suggest that you immediately find a parent to wake up. If you can't find it, you will immediately match it. You are eager to have an early pregnancy dream.



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