专治疗不孕不育的医生多是骗子吗? Do doctors who specialize in treating infertility are liars?转载2008-7-10 17:21

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答案是肯定的,这个数字可能还是保守,实际情况比这还要多些。为什么呢? The answer is yes, and this number may still be conservative. In fact, there are more than that. Why? 1、世界上没有不孕不育这么个病,他是150多种病的共同临床表现,这些疾病横


The answer is yes, and this number may still be conservative. In fact, there are more than that. Why?


There is no such disease as infertility in the world. He is a common clinical manifestation of more than 150 diseases. These diseases span dozens of disciplines and almost all professions, so there are no doctors or hospitals that can treat so many diseases. The claim that he is an expert or a professional hospital for treating infertility is pure fiction.


The Department of infertility is for Obstetricians and Gynaecologists who are not competent for clinical work. Many large state-owned hospitals have a number of Obstetricians and Gynecologists because of poor skills, physical strength, poor interpersonal relations, gynecology, obstetrics and family planning departments are not to expel her in the hospital, can only free out to see infertility clinic;

3、为了搞试管婴儿这个课题而设立不孕不育门科,里面很多人不是临床医生,没有行医执照,有的纯属实验室人员,他们只会做试管,不管原发病是什么,也不论能否通过其他手段治疗,一律实施试管,原因试管利润可观,同时其他技术这些人也不会, 往往这些“医生”连最简单的人流和剖腹产和宫腹腔镜检查都不会做,有的可笑到连子宫输卵管造影也不会做,不会看,这里只有一种治疗方案“试管或人授”。

Many of them are not clinicians, do not have medical licenses, and some are purely laboratory personnel. They only do test tubes, regardless of the original disease or whether they can be treated by other means. The reason is that the test tube is profitable, and other technologies are not. Often these "doctors" do not even do the simplest miscarriage and Caesarean section and laparoscopic examination, and some are so ridiculous that they can't even do a hysterectomy and do not watch. There is only one treatment "in vitro or in person."


4, infertility treatment cycle is long, unlike tumors and ectopic pregnancy


That would have immediate effect. True and false doctors are difficult to identify in a short period of time, so some private hospitals without substantive technology have played a sign to treat infertility.



4, infertile infertile patient mood seeks child heart, add all sorts of pressure, easy gullible gullible.

Infertility can not be cured or cured, especially internal medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. There will be no obvious medical accidents. This is the most desirable disease and result for witch doctors and swindlers.


5, the advertising media is not responsible, so as long as the money can be done, it can be approved, because the deceived media do not need to pay compensation or be punished; Second, online plagiarism is not a violation. Every day, sitting next to a computer and using software to search for other people's articles, it becomes its own website.


You scared the shit out of me, didn't you? In fact, do not be afraid, you have the tools and methods to defend your rights, because money in your hands, when you pay money, you need a commitment to be infallible! Because the result of infertility treatment is clear, that is, to give birth to children, the duration of treatment is also determined. Generally, for 2 years, no child is said to be false. The doctor himself knows his own technology and the patient's cause. If he is not sure, you will make him responsible for the consequences of treatment. He will be tactful, the Fox's tail will be exposed, you step on a foot again(with words to provoke her) he will cry: regular hospitals and doctors have no commitment, the cure is your special disease, doctors how responsible. Those promised hospitals and doctors are liars! Yunyun, it means it can't be cured -- deserve it!


Hospitals have to promise, too. It's medical ethics. Commodities still implement "three packages". Medical services are fee-paying services. They must also have commitments. Otherwise, they are the "Overlord Agreement." Because of the asymmetry in understanding of disease information, patients are often at a disadvantage and hospitals have no commitment. Therefore, there have been many medical frauds, even opened hospitals, and advertised in the media. They do not even have the minimum "commercial" morality and are not worthy of being a businessman, let alone a "doctor" who is helping the world.


Therefore, the patient must first identify a good hospital and a good doctor to treat accurately and effectively. If he does not promise that he will not be cured within 2 years, you must not spend money. As the liar thinks, this is not an emergency. It is okay to have one day less than one day. It has to be targeted.

不孕不育治疗前签署合同,2年内没有孩子退全款的医院有呀-------北京安太妇产医院。 www.xjat.com

Infertility treatment before the signing of the contract, no children within 2 years of full reimbursement of the hospital there-Beijing Antai maternity hospital. www.xjat.com


The patient asked four times to ensure that he would not be fooled. Patients don't have to be polite, because you're the one who pays the bill, and you have the right. Medical activities are commercial and must be responsible for the consequences of treatment. Here are the guidelines.

不管什么医师还是医院,你的提问只有四句话:1 我的诊断明确否,全面否?写在病历上否? 2 按照你的方法治疗周期多长,费用多少? 3 我遵从医嘱并给钱,如果达不到目的你负是么责任?4、我与您签署治疗合同,达不到目的退款可以吗?

No matter what the doctor or the hospital, your question is only four sentences: 1 My diagnosis is clear or not, comprehensive or not? Is it on the chart? How long and at what cost is the treatment according to your method? I follow the doctor's advice and give money. Are you responsible if I don't achieve my goal? I have signed a treatment contract with you. Can I get a refund if I can not achieve my purpose?


If the doctor doesn't sign the contract, there must be a problem.

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