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今天,女儿已经出生十天了,看着她睡梦中露出甜甜的笑脸,我的心头涌动着幸福和满足。女儿,你是我永远的小宝贝,我永远爱你! Today, my daughter has been born for ten days, watching her sweet smile in her sleep, my heart filled with happiness and


Today, my daughter has been born for ten days, watching her sweet smile in her sleep, my heart filled with happiness and satisfaction. Daughter, you are my forever baby, I will always love you!


My wife and I were married in 2002 and first discovered that we were pregnant. We were all very excited and excited. However, when we were pregnant for more than 40 days, my wife discovered that there was a small amount of bleeding. She went to the hospital to check for a B ultrasound and showed that there was only one empty sac. A few days back from the hospital, a little blood clot came out of the bathroom. The first pregnancy ended in failure. At that time, it was not very painful because it would have to be pregnant. About a year later, my wife became pregnant again. This time we were very careful. We found out that immediately after the pregnancy, we had a progesterone and a velvet hormone to protect the fetus the next day. However, it was almost the number of days we had been pregnant. It began to bleed again. This time it was much more painful than the last time. Because the drug miscarriage did not flow clean, and experienced a very painful shaving palace. We started to alert and began to seek medical treatment everywhere, doing hundreds of tests, large and small, including endocrine, semen, blood tests, urine tests, anti-sperm antibodies, chromosomes, anti-scaly, eugenics, etc., but none of them found any problems. Really a little disheartened. At this time, listening to friends said that the effect of lymphatic immunotherapy is very good, we saw a glimmer of hope, immediately went to a professional hospital for immunotherapy, the third pregnancy is still quite confident, but also hit progesterone and velvet hormone, more than 50 days passed, no blood! Go to the hospital to do B Super to see the fetal Bud heart! Hey! Hey! We were very happy. At that time, we were excited and wanted to cry. We thought that this was Chenggongle. However, when we went to the hospital for a birth test for nearly three months, we did B overtime again. The doctor said that the embryo had stopped breeding. This time we completely entered the abyss! We are in agony and despair! Including both parents and brothers and sisters, all these years to accompany us to suffer, this time they have advised us not to regenerate, the adoption of one. I also decided not to have children. It is also good for two people to lean on each other for a lifetime. It is really not good. I will send someone to the welfare home to adopt one.


But my wife didn't agree, said we should go to another place, not to say. In this way, we went to the provincial hospital in JiNan and found the famous obstetrics and gynaecology experts Wangxietong and Gaoqin. Among them, we also did a lot of tests, including uterine imaging, and found no problems. At this time, one thing changed the fate of our lives: We had a doctor in Jinan and lived in a relative's house. The relative was a big sister. His brother-in-law had once stayed in Beijing and said that there was an expert in the Union Hospital who seemed to be the director of obstetrics and gynaecology named Liuguixia. There is research on habitual miscarriage. He helped to call to hear that director Liuguixia had retired and applied to a hospital called Xinjing Antai. We did not know the specific address of the hospital and asked online. Look at the hospital introduction. Its treatment of habitual miscarriage is indeed a good idea. But we're still a little skeptical.


What a coincidence, my wife for the city leaders to go abroad, to bring information to the Beijing provincial office to handle, I went with. After all this was done, we went to the Xinjingan hospital in Beijing, near Shuangqiao, where we were received by President Wangzhihui, who looked at the thick details of our visits over the years. And looked at the uterus film said that my lover's uterus is still sticky, want us to operate, can go home immediately after surgery. At that time, I felt that I must have met a fraudster. Two experts in this department said that there was no problem. She had a problem? He said he needed surgery, and we didn't believe it. At this time, Dean Wang invited Dean Chenfenglin to come. After Dean Chen saw it, he immediately said that there must be adhesion, and he did not believe it. And asked us to do an anti-embryo antibody first, I think since it came to do it, the results came out 1:256, Chen said the problem is on this antibody. We didn't have the surgery because we didn't believe it, so we drove home that day.


But our hearts became more and more uneasy. My wife insisted on doing hysteroscopy and said that whether or not it was deceptive, we went to the provincial hospital to have a hysteroscopy. The results came out: It was exactly like Xinjingan said. That's when we began to believe in the technology of Anta. It's really a level one. My lover and I had very little time to discuss and discuss whether to go to An Tai, and finally decided: Go! One last chance, one more failure and we don't have any children! There are three reasons for going: First, the experience of the Uterography shows that Anta's doctors really have a certain level, and second, since Liuguixia's famous doctors are in Anta, Anta shows that Anta is not a liar, but is a more professional hospital. Third, we really have no other way to go, we really do not want to take any more risks, really do not want to experience that kind of heartbreaking pain! Hey! Hey!


My wife and I took a leave to go to Beijing in early July last year. Now that Antai is no longer at Shuangqiao, she moved to Jiayuan North and changed her name to Antai Jiayuan Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. We immediately met with Chenfenglin because we had an appointment. Dean Chen personally performed a small operation for my wife's hysterectomy. The operation has not felt any pain. After the operation, he took a bottle of drip and got out of bed that night. The next step was to take my blood and make an eight-shot vaccine. While waiting for the vaccine, we visited Beijing City and were in a very good mood because we felt their enthusiasm and medical level during the process of dealing with the hospital doctors. We went home after the first shot of the vaccine at Anda.


Treatment in July, pregnancy in August! And according to Dean Chen said: do not be nervous, do not want to protect the tire deliberately, should go to work, pay attention to rest on. But we still invited the home of half a month to rest at home, to the hospital to do B Chao saw the original heart tube movement, we are very happy, my lover went to work. In the course of the hospital examination, when I met with worried, I called Dean Chen. Each time he was very patient with me and encouraged me, so we have always been very confident. Everything is very smooth, two months have passed, three months have passed, again and again the doctor said very good and normal. My wife's belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the baby is jumping around in it. Winter and spring have passed away, summer has come, the expected date of childbirth is getting closer and closer, our mood is getting more and more nervous, because after all, my lover is old, this year has more than 30 years, and besides, so many births have been lost and surgery has been done. Do not know baby health is not healthy. We asked Dr. Antai to decide to have a Caesarean section five days before the expected date of birth. On May 10, the baby was born. It was 6 pounds and 2 taels, and she cried when she was not spanked. When she finished crying, she laughed. The flesh was rolling without wrinkles. It was very cute. Each assessment is out of ten! I named my daughter Little Stone, hoping she would be strong.


We are so excited that we don't know how to express our gratitude! I hope that patients with habitual miscarriage do not take risks again and again. Do not go so many detours. Although Antai treatment is expensive, but the professional and high success rate, I remember Chen Dean's sentence: Don't count the money. The key is to cure it! I hope that more and more people will realize their wishes and obtain happiness. Do not hesitate to choose Antai and choose hope! Choose Antai, choose happiness!

Little rock, Dad.小石头爸爸


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