新生儿 Newborn

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★第一个月 _First month ◎ 生理指标 _Physiological Indicators 满月时,男婴体重2.9~5.6千克,身长49.7~59.5厘米;女婴体重2.8~5.1千克,身长49.0~58.1厘米。 At full moon, boys weigh 2.9-5.6 kg and their stature is 49.7-59.5 cm, while girls weigh

★第一个月 _First month

◎ 生理指标 _Physiological Indicators


At full moon, boys weigh 2.9-5.6 kg and their stature is 49.7-59.5 cm, while girls weigh 2.8-5.1 kg and their stature is 49.0-58.1 cm.

养育要点 Key Points of Nurturing


Breast-feeding, breast-feeding on demand. Breastfeeding does not require water. Mixed feeding and artificial feeding can choose formula milk, fresh milk and whole milk powder. Pay attention to the disinfection of the bottle, the matched baby did not finish eating at one time, can not stay for the next drink. Guarantee about 20 hours of sleep every day; embrace and caress the baby more, touch the baby's skin all over the body, and talk to the baby; often with a smile, singing, bright voice to tease the baby. The baby began to take D routinely 14 days after birth. 2-3 weeks or so, pay attention to the baby's response to BCG vaccination. It is normal for the baby to appear red and swollen lumps and form small pustules. Babies should not sleep in too soft beds and big soft pillows. It is better to sleep in a single bed to prevent suffocation; prevent scalds when feeding milk and bathing; and transfer pets to other places to prevent the baby from being bitten by animals.

Development Indicators◎ 发育指标

◎ 专家提示 Expert Tips


At full moon, lie prone and raise your head, chin away from bed for three seconds; be able to gaze at the moving objects in front of you: when you cry, you will hear the sound quietly; when you cry, you can make a sound; when you are not crying, you can make a sound; when you are holding the pen pole in your hands; when you open your mouth, you can imitate speech.


It is necessary to determine whether the baby's temperament is lively, quiet or general. Mothers with insufficient milk should not rush to add dairy products and eat more foods that can milk, such as crucian carp, silver carp, pig's hoof, yellow cauliflower, towel gourd, sesame and distiller's grains. When taking pictures of your baby, you don't need a flash.

★第二个月 _Second month

◎ 生理指标 _Physiological Indicators


At the end of two months, boys weighed 3.5 to 6.8 kg and their statures ranged from 52.9 to 63.2 cm, while girls weighed 3.3 to 6.1 kg and their statures ranged from 52.0 to 63.2 cm.

◎ 养育要点 Key Points of Nurturing


We should gradually establish a regular life of eating, playing and sleeping, and try to talk, sing and play with our babies as much as possible, so as to cultivate a good mother-child relationship. Let the baby wake up in happiness; in different directions with different voices to train the baby's hearing; when the weather is good, take the baby to outdoor activities, breathe fresh air, watch the surrounding environment, appropriate sunbathing. It can let the baby lie prone for a moment, hang bright and dynamic toys to show, touch and grasp the baby.

◎ 发育指标

Development Indicators


Smile when provoking; eyes can move horizontally with objects; heads can be turned to find sound sources; head can be raised for a moment while lying prone, turning freely; fingers can open and close themselves, can play in front of the chest, will suck the thumb.

◎ 专家提示 Expert Tips


Sunshine on the baby's buttocks can cure "red buttocks". Mothers should stop breastfeeding when they have a fever of more than 38 degrees, and they can continue breastfeeding when they have a low fever (37.5-38 degrees). Don't let your baby overweight. In addition to summer, three or four drops of concentrated cod liver oil can be added every day.

★第三个月 _3rd month

◎ 生理指标 _Physiological Indicators


At the end of three months, the baby weighed 4.1-7.7 kg and was 55.8-66.4 cm in length, while the baby girl was 3.9-7.0 cm and 54.6-64.5 cm in length.

◎ 养育要点 Key Points of Nurturing


Give the baby rich sensory stimulation, often change the position of the baby, so that he can be familiar with the surrounding environment in many ways, to obtain different visual experience. By letting the baby lie down and hold the baby vertically, help the baby practice the movement of raising his head and exercise the support force of the baby's cervical vertebra. Use toys to tease the baby to pronounce. Training of listening, initial training of the ability to track the source of sound, the ability to feel the sound far and near. Exercise the baby's skin, as long as the baby's heart is not defective, you can often bathe. Babies can't climb, but they may fall off the big bed. When adults leave, don't forget to put the baby on the small bed with railings. A baby's toy can't be smaller than his mouth. The baby is still young and the mother is in danger of suffocating while lying down. Milk-only babies can add juice, and breast-fed babies can add juice if they like.

◎ 发育指标 Development Indicators


When prone, can raise half chest, support upper body with elbow; head can straighten; see hands, hands can hold each other, will grasp clothes, grab hair, face; eyes can follow objects 180 degrees; see people will laugh; will answer, scream, will grow vowels.


Most babies should be supplemented with calcium at this time. It's too early to take the baby to public places. Let the baby taste all kinds of flavors as soon as possible to prepare for supplementary food in the future.

★第四个月 _Fourth month

◎ 生理指标 _Physiological Indicators


At the end of four months, boys weighed 4.7-8.5 kg, and girls weighed 4.5-7.7 cm, 58.3-69.1 cm and 56.9-67.1 cm.

◎ 养育要点Key Points of Nurturing


Develop sensory motor skills, that is, the combination of visual, auditory and tactile sensations with muscle activity. For example, the eye guides the hand to take things, and the sound rotates the eyes and body accurately. Listen to more music and talk to your baby. Do body-turning exercises for the baby, exercise the baby's spine and spring muscles, and help the baby learn the body-turning movements. Tease the baby to talk, play Q&A games with the baby, practice vocalization and learn to talk. Appropriate supplementary foods, such as eggs, rice flour, vegetable paste, etc. Stick to motherhood as much as possible. Mothers work three hours to squeeze once to promote breast milk secretion. Milk can be left for baby to eat the next day when it is refrigerated. Some babies have turned over, parents should be more careful about the safety of their babies.

◎ 发育指标 Development Indicators


When lying on the prone position, the baby's upper body is lifted completely, perpendicular to the bed; the legs can lift and kick off the clothes and quilts and toys lifted by kicking; the sight is flexible and can be transferred from one object to another; the baby begins to babble and answer adults'teasing with voice; he likes to eat supplementary food.

◎专家提示 Expert Tips


It's time to check whether BCG has been vaccinated. There is no need to correct the baby's finger-sucking movements

★第五个月Fifth month

◎ 生理指标-Physiological indicators

满五个月的男婴体重5.3~9.2千克,身长60.5~71.3厘米。女婴5.0~8.4千克,身长58.9~69.3厘米。The baby boy who has been five months old weighs 5.3 ~ 9.2 kg and is 60.5 ~ 71.3 cm in length. The baby girl is 5.0 ~ 8.4 kg in length and 58.9 ~ 69.3 cm in length.

◎ 养育要点-Parenting points


Add supplementary food, from less to more, from thin to thick, from thin to thick, let the baby get used to one more. Usually add at most one new food each week, pay attention to observe the baby's appetite, stool. If you can't digest it, pause for a few days. Pay attention to sensory training, so that the baby's vision, hearing, language communication ability on the basis of the original continue to improve. Do not roll over the baby, parents more turning over training. To the baby cold fitness exercise, gradually adapt to the larger temperature changes, enhance the ability of the nasal cavity, skin disease. Except in winter, there should be at least two hours of outdoor activity every day. Get more sun, supplement vitamin D, prevent calcium deficiency.

◎ 发育指标-Development indicators


To be able to know and respond to mothers and close people; Most children can turn from supine to prostrate; Be sure to sit on the seat cushion for a while, and be able to stand upright while sitting; Adult hold, can stand; You can put something in your mouth; Will send a consonant or two.

◎ 专家提示-Expert tips

宝宝的床栏上,别放毛巾、衣服等,万一搭着的东西掉下来,蒙住宝宝的脸,会出危险。即使母乳足,也要给宝宝添加辅食。Baby's bedstead, do not put towels, clothes, etc., in case the things fall down, cover the baby's face, will be dangerous. Even if breast milk is sufficient, add complementary food to the baby.

★第六个月Sixth month

◎ 生理指标-Physiological indicators


At the end of six months, the baby boy weighed 5.9 ~ 9.8 kg, was 62.4 ~ 73.2 cm in length, and the baby girl weighed 5.5 ~ 9.0 kg and was 60.6 ~ 71.2 cm in length. The head circumference is 44 cm and there are two teeth.

◎ 养育要点-Parenting points


Continue to add food accessories. Prevention of nutritional iron deficiency anemia, timely addition of iron-rich auxiliary food: egg yolk, fish, liver mud, meat, animal blood, green vegetable mud, tofu and so on. The iron absorption efficiency of animal foods is higher than that of plant foods. Provide appropriate toys. The toys provided for the half-year-old children are mainly visual toys, which are divided into two categories: ornamental and operational. Ornamental toys are generally brightly colored and vivid. Operational toys are what the baby can get, mostly toys that can sound. Repeatedly call the baby's name, so that the baby is responsive to his own name, familiar with and remember his own name. Teach the baby to know the real thing and identify the real thing. The baby has known the mother, the mother should be more with the baby, more talk with the baby, do games, touch the baby's skin, to meet the baby's desire for affection. Often carry the baby out to play, let the baby contact more strangers, help to slow down the baby is about to appear afraid of the phenomenon. Let the baby look in the mirror, help the baby to know himself in the mirror, develop the baby's self-awareness.

◎ 发育指标-Development indicators


Hands can play with feet, can eat toes; The head, trunk, and lower limbs are fully stretched; Hold a toy in both hands to hold it steady; There are two kinds of things that can be heard and seen; Two or three consonants will be sent; When adults sing children's songs, they will make a familiar action; When looking in the mirror, you will laugh and touch the person in the mirror with your hand; Will eat their own cookies, will chew.

◎ 专家提示-Expert tips


At this time, the baby's body temperature is higher than 37 degrees Celsius and it encounters obstacles in exercise and learning. Exercise the fine movements of your hands. The development of the hand to a large extent represents the growth of wisdom. Parents can let the baby play with various toys, promote the movement of the hand from passive to active, from inaccurate to accurate, and from the beginning to listen to language command.

★第七个月Seventh month

◎ 生理指标-Physiological indicators


At the end of seven months, the baby boy weighed 6.4 ~ 10.3 kg, 64.1 ~ 74.8 cm, and the baby girl weighed 5.9 ~ 9.6 kg, 62.2 ~ 72.9 cm. 2 to 4 teeth.

◎ 养育要点-Parenting points


Add supplementary food to make the baby like supplementary food. Try to replace a meal with an auxiliary. Prevention of disease. Six months later, the freedom of the baby from the mother's body is reduced, vulnerable to infection, and prone to systemic lesions. Parents should strengthen the baby outdoor activities, do not take the baby to many public places. Pay attention to the hygiene, the instrument that enters to the baby must carry on disinfection. Help the baby learn to climb. Climbing has an effect on the child's intellectual development and physical development. Science has proved that children who do not climb and walk directly are prone to become "problem children" and encounter obstacles in sports and learning. Exercise the fine movements of your hands. The development of the hand to a large extent represents the growth of wisdom. Parents can let the baby play with various toys, promote the movement of the hand from passive to active, from inaccurate to accurate, and from the beginning to listen to language command.

◎ 发育指标-Development indicators


Will sit, with the help of adults will climb; Hands can pick up toys and put them in the mouth; Will express like and dislike; Can understand the simple meaning of the word, understand adults with words and expressions of praise and criticism; Remember three to four acquaintances who have left for a week; Will use voice and movement to indicate to defecate.

◎ 专家提示-Expert tips


When the baby grows teeth, it will bite fingers, toys, and quilts. It is very necessary to eat molar food properly. There are molar biscuits in the supermarket. Less sitting, more climbing. Do not kiss the baby's mouth, do not mouth to mouth feed the baby food, because adults often saliva with bacteria and viruses.

★第八个月Eighth month

◎ 生理指标-Physiological indicators


At the age of eight months, the baby boy weighed 6.9 ~ 10.8 kg and was 65.7 ~ 76.3 cm in length. The baby girl weighs 6.3 to 10.1 kilograms and is 63.7 to 74.5 centimeters in length. 2 to 4 teeth can be produced this month.

◎ 养育要点-Parenting points


Baby in the dietary hobby can be seen, to add complementary to the baby's hobby, to develop as many food varieties to ensure nutritional balance. When making a baby supplement, hygiene is the most important thing. During the baby's teething period, calcium and vitamin D rich foods are added to the auxiliary food. Such as shrimp skin, kelp, animal liver, egg yolk, fish, green vegetables and so on. You can use complementary foods instead of 1 to 2 tons of milk. In daily life, teaching the baby to understand the surrounding environment and the development of language. Continue with the movement training. Help the baby to stand up, let the baby climb, play with various toys. Teach your baby some social etiquette, such as clapping "welcome" and waving "goodbye".

◎ 发育指标-Development indicators


Can stand up with the railings; You can sit well; Will knock toys with both hands; Will ring toys; Will give the toy to the designated person; Spread out your hands to hug adults; Use your fingers to grab something to eat; Will use 1 to 2 actions to represent the language.

◎ 专家提示-Expert tips


This month, the incidence of the baby will increase, because fear of colds can not reduce outdoor activities. Provide a safe playground and clear away any little junk your baby can reach. Power outlets need to be protected, thermos bottle put into the baby can not reach. Mothers who breastfeed well do not have to rush to weaned. As long as the baby is willing to eat food do not worry.

★第九个月Ninth month

◎ 生理指标-Physiological indicators


At the end of nine months, the baby boy weighed 7.2 to 11.3 kilograms and was 67.0 to 77.6 centimeters in length. The baby girl weighs 6.6 to 10.5 kilograms and is 65.0 to 75.9 centimeters in length. 2 to 4 teeth.

◎ 养育要点-Parenting points


Breastfed babies try to feed fresh milk or milk powder instead of breast milk during the day. They can be breastfed after getting up in the morning and before going to bed and when they wake up in the middle of the night. No need to give the baby juice, can be directly fed tomatoes, oranges, bananas and other fruits. Can feed crispy snacks, cookies, cakes, etc.. Do not feed candy pieces. This is dangerous. The goal of this month's exercise is still to let babies learn to stand and babies learn to walk. It's best for the baby to spend more than three hours outdoors every day. Inspire the baby to explore the surrounding environment, such as hide-and-seek games is a good activity. Cultivate good living habits, practice using bedpans, develop good habits of sleeping and hygiene, and train your baby to eat. Encourage the baby to imitate adult pronunciation and communicate happily with adults. Train the baby's self-control and let the baby act according to the adult's password.

◎ 发育指标-Development indicators


Help to stand, feet step horizontally; Thumbs and forefingers can pinch small things; To understand one's own name; Can answer questions in simple language; Will shake with the rhythm of the music; Know the five officials; Do 3 to 4 kinds of actions that represent language; Knowing that adults talk about themselves and understand shyness; Will fit the clothes.

◎ 专家提示-Expert tips


Overweight babies should not stand too long. Falling, scalding and swallowing foreign bodies are the main accidents that infants need to prevent this month.

★第十个月Tenth month

◎ 生理指标-Physiological indicators


At the age of ten months, the baby boy weighed 7.6 to 11.7 kilograms and was 68.3 to 78.9 centimeters in length. The baby girl weighs 6.9 ~ 10.9 kg and is 66.2 ~ 77.3 cm in length. Out of 4 to 6.

◎ 养育要点-Parenting points


Even if breast milk is sufficient, give your baby two meals a day and eat fresh milk during the day. The baby can eat a variety of biscuits, rice cakes, cakes, pancakes, taste snacks is also one of the fun of the baby's life, to give the baby some snacks, the best timing. Train the baby's self-service skills and cultivate the independence of the baby. Encourage the baby to pack her own bottle, sit in a basin and urinate, and go get your own toys. With the right toys available, this month's baby begins to learn to walk and it is better to pick the dragging toys that make a sound. Create a good language environment and accompany language when taking care of baby life and playing games. Mostly sing children's songs and nursery rhymes for the baby. Train the baby to walk. Let the baby climb more. In addition to the wind, rain, as much as possible to outdoor activities.

◎ 发育指标-Development indicators


Call mom and dad; Knowledge of common people and things; Can stand alone for a moment; Can quickly crawl; The adults will walk with their hands; Like to be praised; Active use of actions to represent language; Be close to the kids.

◎ 专家提示-Expert tips


In addition to breast milk, this month's baby will only eat some gruel will be undernourished. Don't give too many snacks to overweight babies, nor is it appropriate to give nutritious bananas. When you put a baby in a toddler, you have to have an adult around.

★第十一个月11Th month

◎ 生理指标-Physiological indicators


At the age of eleven months, the baby boy weighed 7.9 to 12.0 kg and was 69.6 to 80.2 cm in length. The baby girl weighs 7.2 ~ 11.3 kg and is 67.5 ~ 78.7 cm in length. Out of 4 to 6.

◎ 养育要点-Parenting points


The auxiliary food began to become a staple food, and breast milk and milk became non-staple foods. Most breastfed babies are weaned. If you can not add enough eggs, fish, beef, etc. to the food, you will lack animal protein. You should make sure your baby gets enough animal protein, but don't stick to the book, depending on how much you eat. The supplementary food should put less salt, less sugar. Gradually let the baby and stranger contact, overcome fear of birth phenomenon. Continue to develop the baby's language, you can show the baby a picture book to tell a story. Train the baby to walk. It is forbidden for the baby to do things that should not be done, and ignoring it will make the baby develop bad habits. Train your baby's independence, but keep your baby safe.

◎ 发育指标-Development indicators


An adult can walk with one hand; Can accurately understand the meaning of simple words; Will call grandmother, aunt, aunt, etc.; Take points to some parts of the body; Will raise his fingers to indicate that he is one year old; Do not want the mother to hold others; With an initial sense of self.

◎ 专家提示-Expert tips


Baby after eating snacks to feed some water, can prevent dental caries. Baby bones are still soft, don't walk too long. The family maintains a civilized language environment, and the baby is already able to imitate adults.

★第十二个月Twelfth month

◎ 生理指标-Physiological indicators


At the end of the twelve months, the baby boy weighed 8.1-12 .4 kilograms, 70.7 to 81.5 centimeters in length, and the baby girl weighed 7.4 to 11.6 kilograms and was 68.6 to 80.0 centimeters in length. Head circumference 46 cm, chest circumference 46 cm. 6-8 teeth.

◎ 养育要点-Parenting points


If the baby is in good health this month, it's time to stop breastfeeding. Drink milk once or twice a day after losing the mother's milk. After cutting breast milk, the baby may have dry stool, can increase the amount of vegetarian dishes in the diet, bananas, Bee density also has the function of moisturising the intestine. Continue to strengthen language training to create opportunities for the baby to speak. Encourage the child to express his wishes in words. Lead your child and personality toward good health. Parents should make it clear that bad behavior is forbidden. Parents should encourage good behavior of their children. Don't let children watch too much TV. Children should grow up in contact with people and things. Strengthen the communication between parents and children, maintain a pleasant family atmosphere, so that children maintain a good emotional state. Keep training the kids to walk. Have at least three hours of outdoor exercise every day.

◎ 发育指标-Development indicators


No need to help, you can stand on your feet and walk alone; Recognize three to four parts of the body; Three kinds of animals are known; Will perform with children's songs; Can complete the simple request made by adults; Do not do what adults do not like or prohibit; Began to be interested in children, willing to be close to children, games.

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