安太,用承诺和仁心温暖世道 An Tai, use commitment and benevolence to warm the world 2008-9-27

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  Beijing new Jing Antai maternity hospital, every day will welcome people from all over the world, they are old and young, poor and rich are some of the diseases are incurable, stubborn mountain of disease. They walked South and North, and for several years, they finally chose the Antai Maternity Hospital, where they "settled down." They believe that An Tai, An Tai also created countless innovations for them, let the whole society feel warm, with the promise of good behavior excavation and spread!


  In February 2008, Dr. Chenfenglin, the director of the New Jing 'an Maternity Hospital, received a special patient: Swallow, a 26-year-old girl, is 130cm tall and weighs 30kg. She is well-proportioned, speaks to children, and has a amenorrhea. After the diagnosis, the electrochemiluminescent pituitary excitement test was diagnosed as pituitary dwarfism, and the bone age(actual age) was only 7 years old. It is reported that Swallow is the eldest daughter of her parents and gave birth to one of her younger brothers and sisters. There are no similar patients in the family. She could be a result of a genetic mutation. His parents made a living selling soy milk, poor, and had not been treated. Although he was diagnosed, the expensive growth hormone cost has not yet been determined. At the same time, he also found that there is a teratoma on the left ovary of the swallow! To grow tall, you must first remove teratoma before you can use growth hormone. However, teratoma surgery also requires a lot of surgery fees. Perhaps this amount is not much for some people, but all the savings in the swallow's family are not enough. Under such circumstances, the swallow can not control and shed tears of sadness. At this time, Dean Chen knew. Not only did he not collect the swallow's operating expenses, but also helped the swallow to find a way to appeal to society, help her find a sponsor, and let the swallow learn online knowledge at the Antai Hospital to cultivate this God's "kiss child"! Now that she has grown tall and her knowledge has gradually become rich, she is no longer a small swallow with low self-esteem and poor knowledge in the countryside. Her life has undergone earth-shaking changes compared with the past. If the swallow did not come to the Antai Hospital, if the swallow did not meet Dean Chenfenglin, then she could only live a lonely and helpless life in the corner of the country. She would never be happy and she would never "grow up."


  Similar to this situation, there are many in the hospital, Antai not only cured their illness, but also established their precious confidence! The flag of Antai is composed of "commitment" and their behavior also reflects the true meaning of "commitment." When I learned about these things, I first thought of the word "benevolence," and "commitment" is exactly the specific expression of "benevolence." The relationship between the two is inseparable! Two people Cheng Ren, the two promised. The heart of love, the heart of commitment, always comes from the relationship with others and the inner consciousness. Yu Dan once said that in the Analects of Confucius, a mere "benevolence" was mentioned 109 times! "Ren" can be said to be the core of the Chinese nation. So, what is the most original method of benevolence and righteousness? That is, "you can take it close", think in a different place, and compare your heart! That is, what Mencius said: "Old and old, and old; Young and young, and young and young. "Antai Hospital uses a new concept to treat the weak in the society. What it promotes is that Ren Luan has already been a bit bleak and has become extremely warm. This is not a saint!


  The promise of the Antai Hospital is "sensitive to the line". It spreads a kind of warmth completely and runs through everyone's life-a promised hospital!

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