ʯŮΪʲôҲз Why does Stone Girl have secretions?2008-10-6

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ܶɻʯŮΪʲôҲ? Many people wonder why stone girl secretions? Departure. ΪҺڵģʵǰͥٷڵġʯŮķãǰͥٷҲȻܹҺˡ Some people mistakenly thin

ܶɻʯŮΪʲôҲ? ­Many people wonder why stone girl secretions? Departure.

ΪҺڵģʵǰͥٷڵġʯŮķãǰͥٷҲȻܹҺˡ ­Some people mistakenly think that secretions are secreted by the vagina. In fact, it is secreted by the vestibular gland. The development of the stone woman is good, and the vestibular large glands are also well developed. Of course, they can normally secrete liquids. Departure.

Ůʱ(ʱ)ͷڵĶЩ ­When a woman waves(when sexual desire comes), she secretes more and has three functions:

һڣڲ룬ճĤ󻬣ǿʱҺʵֵ; ­

First, lubricate the vaginal opening, facilitate insertion, the lubrication of the vaginal mucosa, is achieved by the liquid brought in during insertion; Departure.

ųһЩ“ɧζ”; ­Second, it releases some "taste" to attract men; Departure.

ͷ˱׳ΪҺʱŮdzãзļҲᱻ̶ȵļ Third, for men to suck with the tongue, commonly known as the absorption of vaginal fluid, when the woman will be very useful, the man's passion will be stimulated to a greater extent. Departure.­

ǰͥڴ·һС壬ͨܿϡ ­The vestibular large glands are a pair of small glands buried under the labia Majora, opening through the catheter on the vaginal opening. Departure.

ؽҲʯŮûǰͷ˵һַʽ񫣬ûеοʽǸо˺á ­

In addition, anal sex is also a way for Stone women to release waves before surgery. Compared to masturbation, masturbation is no male masturbation, but it feels better than two people. Departure.

ʯŮǰҪѧDz⣬̬ȡ ­

Before the formation of the vagina of the stone woman, she must learn to discharge the waves, otherwise psychological problems, such as depression and metamorphosis, will occur. Departure.

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